Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finding a new home for my cat

Q: I have/know of a cat that needs a new home. Can you help me find it a new home?

HPC focuses its efforts on strays, TNR, and cats on the street. "Owner surrenders" are not within our mission.

Here is a very good guide from PAWS Chicago on Giving up your pet. It includes detailed action steps.

Before surrendering your animals to a facility you should exhaust your personal contacts. Don't hold back. While you are doing that, contact the no-kill shelters to get on the wait list.

Please understand that every shelter has lots of animals already. If you know you are planning on giving up your pet, think ahead. Your actions are the difference between life and death for your pet.

If the no-kill shelters are full, and you cannot place your animal yourself, you must surrender your pet to an open-door facility such as Animal Care and Control or Animal Welfare League.

PAWS Chicago has a Crisis Care Temporary Foster program: 773-475-9462. If you need food and supplies to tide you over until you find placement for the cats, or if that will help you keep your cats, please call PAWS' Pet Food Bank at 773-475-9426.

IT IS ILLEGAL AND INHUMANE TO ABANDON AN ANIMAL. Don't dump your animal on the street, park, etc.

If you are seeking a new home for an animal in an abusive environment, call the City at 311.