Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hyde Park Cats is always in search of fosterhomes! Foster parents care for one or more cats, depending on circumstances, for anywhere from a few days to several months.

Why foster?

> you love cats but know you're only going to be here in Hyde Park for a year (two years, etc.)
> you love cats but can't support a cat financially right now
> you think you love cats, but you're never had one before
> your apartment has inadequate heating and you need a lap-warmer
> your yarn collection is too neat and you need a cat to play with it
> you live alone and need a cat to greet you when you come home
> you live with others and need a cat to complete your group
> you want to help solve the cat-overpopulation crisis in a small but concrete way

We ask you to provide food and litter, although this is negotiable if it's what is standing in your way of fostering. Veterinary care is on us. YOU provide LOVE, CARING, and SUPPORT for a homeless cat.

Email us at to apply.

Foster cats are from the streets and pounds. We regret that we cannot foster your pet cat.

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  1. Oh boy! I'm moving out of University housing soon, and would love nothing more than to have a cat in the apartment. I'm only here for 2 more years though... fostering would be perfect!!! Minus the emotional damage when I must part with kitty.